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Picture of eggs with painted faces

The Easter weekend is the perfect time to have fun with eggs and our website has lots of fun activities. You can practise making omelettes, check your maths skills with the egg counting game or crack a joke about eggs.

Eggspert egg painting

The custom of exchanging decorated Easter eggs dates back hundreds of years. Continue the tradition with our egg painting guide!

You will need



Decide on whether you want to eat your egg after you have painted it, or use it as decoration. If you want to keep it, you should hollow out the egg first.

  • To hollow out your egg, hold it over a bowl and poke small holes on each sides of the egg. Move the pin inside the egg to gently break the yolk.
  • The insides of the egg should now come out easily, but if not, you can blow gently on one end to allow the contents to come out.
  • When the egg has drained, rinse the inside thoroughly, using a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Let dry for a few hours.
  • Paint your eggs any way you like!


If you are using blown eggs, use a skewer or set the egg on a candle holder to ensure you can rotate it easily when painting. Let one side dry before you finish the other!

Do you want to practice your egg painting skills before you move onto real eggs? Download a template here.